Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 17

merida-portrait-redeyes“The magic..that we of the Razele line..and those before my sire called blood magic. You literally perform it with your own or a victims blood. I..I am still young…I was not taught very much of it…I can only tell you what I know..” I stared down at my hands, dirty and bloody. David studied me for a moment. “You lie.” I felt a sudden jolt and pain to my cheeK, dazed at the powerful hit. Danielle had struck me. “I..I swear.. I’m a hundred and thirty five. My sire taught me very litt-” with a yelp I was struck on my other cheek. I took deep breaths to calm the fire ready to burst from me. David sighed and held a hand to Danielle to stop. “Tell me what you know..share what this magic can do.” I sniffed and took a deep breath. “I perfected one spell..Acidic Touch is what it is called. I can simply focus my blood and make it pour from my fingers to burn someone…like acid…if we were on Sosaria….I could show you but…the..the magic doesn’t work here..” I wasn’t lying this time. He could see that.

David got up from his chair and circled around to me. My body shook hard in fear and panic. I steeled my mind from intrusion. And prayed he wouldn’t take my blood, but alas my prayers were unanswered. I felt his fangs dig into my neck, and with a panicked reaction, i instantly went into a burst of flame. He and those around me retreated quickly. I fell to the floor and whimpered. Scurrying away with tears falling from my eyes. He licked his burned lips which were quickly healing. I instantly realized I fucked up, badly. David motioned and instantly Zeeke and Danielle were on me. I was used to the beatings va’lis gave me through the years but they had centuries And centuries on him. I was a ragdoll, a play thing to them. Zeeke pinned me down and whispered dangerously to me..”your sister..and that mortal bitch will die if you do not cooperate..and I will be the one to do it.” hope left me as I laid there on the cold floor, badly bloodied and slowly healing due to the bloodloss and lack of feeding. I gave up. My head rolled to the side, exposing my neck, and j felt the bite once more..I cried. I cried hard and loudly.

I felt weak, I felt defenceless. My mind broke completely as they drew away with all my secrets, all the know lage I had of blood magic. All of my life, from birth to now was known to them. I curled into myself and wished for death. Va’lis will be so pissed that I broke. My father, my teacher, my sire, I’m so sorry. He taught me better then this. He prepared me for anything, what happened to me?! I wailed and screamed. I was lost. I shut Maharet out, I couldn’t bear to live this cursed life. I failed…

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