Pirates, Vampires, and the Royal Guard

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Pandora:

The Unification of Sosaria for the Common Good began late on the eve of June 5th to defeat the menace known as Ix Tab and recover the crystal fragment that was now in her possession.  The dreaded lady had issued warnings a few nights before, as reported previously by Cherry Spy, and has plans to attack one of Sosaria’s prominent towns.  The leaders of the land were now converging upon our great capital, Britain.  Lord Kasaven would soon address us.

The room quickly filled.  Soon only standing room was available.  The pirates made their entrance, led by Hawkeye Pike, with an uncommon restraint and took their seats.  Rotep and Kodoz, elders of the Guardians, brought many of their fold prepared for the fight that would soon follow. CatLord and the RGB were also in full attendance.  We, the unwelcomed undead, stood front and center unafraid of the reactions our pale white skin and fierce eyes might get.

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Ix Tab Encounters Cherry Spy

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Cherry Spy, Legion Commander:

With a *blink*, the Dread Lady Ix Tab appeared before Cherry Spy.

“Vampires?” she asked.

Cherry Spy replied, “Yes, we have recently awoken from a deep slumber, our leader hath urged all vampires to rise and stand with the mortal legions, for a new evil is rising.”

Ix Tab snickered.

“Mortals shall be in need of our ancient power to fight against it.”  Cherry was prideful in this fact.

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Vamp’s Lair Vendor Spots Available

Guys, please let me know if you would like to place your vendors at Vamp’s Lair. Currently there will be FOUR buildings available at our city with various themes behind them. We have some folks already with reserved spots, please respond to this thread OR ICQ ME at 608083009 (make sure to introduce yourself please in your add request) and let us know to reserve a spot for you!

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CoD is Openly Recruiting

Thanks for visiting our website!  We’re currently looking to recruit new members to join our old guild for some interesting role play.  We’re seeking characters that can be active and engage in role playing events that range from champion spawns to dungeon crawls to clan spats to full out themed wars, offering a wide range of participation in all facets of the game.

We’re also working on bringing back the very popular, Vamp’s Lair, an entire city offering various fun buildings.  Although it is not a full city yet,  we hope some of our new members help us in making it flourish. Vamp’s Lair will host a tower mall, a church, a tavern, a graveyard, and a nightclub, in addition to our guild’s main headquarters. Any participating member of the game can open up shop there, as long as they keep their shops stocked and are active players.

If you would like more information, please email me at pandora@childrenofdarkness.com or you can ICQ me at 608083009. 🙂

Hope to see you in green soon!

We’rrree baaack!

Welcome to the new home page for the Children of Darkness, a Catskills based evil role playing themed guild in one of the first MMO’s, Ultima Online.

After being away for a while, dormantly waiting. We’ve decided to re-establish ourselves and reopen our widely-accepted and extremely active city, Vamp’s Lair.

In the coming weeks, we will flesh out our buildings and decor,  then we will open it to guilds that wish to join in on the RP fun!

The Smell of Burning Flesh

Burning_CityFrom the distance I could see and hear the screams.  My eyes could not hide the horror that I was witnessing and how it felt to have once again used the portal to come to this world only to be greeted with such a scene.

Sosaria.  What have they done to you?

As my husband steadied himself next to me, he knew we would have to find those responsible and bring them to swift, bloody justice. We could not use the portal again so soon, and it was engulfed in flames at that very moment. We knew we would have to risk the use of our talents to help save the people out of that city.  He looked to me.

“You ready?”

I nodded.

The Flight Gift would be hard to use as the flames came close to our touch, but we would have to focus.  As I flew by,  feeling the heat, I saw a man bleeding out trying to run away from the flames that seem to chase him.  I swooped down and grabbed him up, fleeing the flames below to an area across the bridge. Safe.  I used the dirt to put him out; he was breathing.  To my utter shock, the man seemed to be healing… much like we heal.  I had no time to digest that.  Marius had gathered two people and set them down next to me.  The one lady had fangs extended, she was a vampire. Marius looked to me, I to him.

“What the fuck?”

And we both left back to the city, to rescue more.  And we did, but many others perished.

We returned and as they were healing, coming to, the villagers looked to us in fear.  One lady in a trembling voice asked, “Are you with them?”  Marius pressed, “No, them who?” She sat up steadying herself on her bottom, “The Liches… they did this to us.”  Marius looked to me and in our own unique way we communicated. “Liches? But these people are kindred, how can it be liches?”  One man, who others referred to as Dithren answered, much to our shock, “Those heathens had all sorts of kind! Why are you here? Why save us? To torture us more?”  I answered, “We are not here to hurt you, we saved you because you have a right to your lives.”  He fired back, “Like this?!?  I would rather die than be one of them!”  Pandora looked at him, “I am one of you, but I am different. I do not hurt… I heal… I help.  You can do the same, be the same.  Its a choice! We are not bound by what we are, we are bound by who we are! Chose to be different.”  Dithren was now standing up and Marius moved in between him and I.  “What exactly are we, then?”  Marius answered.  “People.”  The crowd began to whisper among themselves and it was clear they had had very little time to process everything.  Who had done this? Why? And more importantly where were they now?

Marius and I told them to stay there, that they would find a place to hunker down for the night letting the flames of the city extinguish.   We found a cave, it should suffice to keep these people from burning from the sun’s rays.  Questions were still being shot at us, left and right.  Who were we if not with the others? How did we get here? Who do we submit to?  I answered them best as I could.

“We are the Romanus family. Marius here is my husband, I am Pandora.”

“We came here through a portal that uses a very special type of magic; we are from the lands of Lord British’s birth.”

“We submit to no one.”

I explained to them what afflictions they had; vampirism.  I explained that Marius and I also had the same affliction.  That they would live forever, never dying a natural death.  That they were — deathly allergic — to the sun and would be that way for many many centuries until age starts to chip away at that allergy.  That they must never tell anyone what they are or what we are.  They asked us why. “Because many in this land believe us to be evil,” Marius answered.  One of the younger ladies asked, “Why?” Marius continued, “Because our affliction makes us dependent on blood for nourishment. And because mortals’ life force is the blood they carry, we’re seen to immediately threaten that status quo.”  Another asked, “Do we have to feed on blood?” I smiled, “Yes, you do. But it does not have to be human blood, you can survive on the blood of animals or creatures.” Dithren asked, “Is that the absolute hunger I feel?”  The others nodded in agreement.  Marius continued to engage them and teach them.  He taught them that they would have to be strong, they would have to fight the desire to feed, and that to do that they would have to feed often.  He told them that he would teach them to hunt for the evildoer, the corrupt, and to use that to sustain themselves so that they do not turn against the humans.  Marius then promised to rebuild Umbra; that his whole family would come here, settle it and rebuild it.

We hunkered down with them in the cave, making sure they were safe.  We did not sleep, the sleep did not call to us like it did to them.  We walked outside and watched the city continue to burn.  We had done all we could do.  You can smell the flesh in the burning ashes the wind carried our way.  What a dismal welcome to our return to Sosaria.