Pleb’s Return to Britain

From the Children of Darkness, Pleb, Weilder of Pain; Vampire:

Pleb hadn’t been in Britain much recently, having journeyed to the island states to learn of its histories and traditions. But was back now at the bidding of his recently returned Dark Queen.

Pleb robe through the streets of Britain, summoned by the Dark Queen he had long thought lost to Sosaria.

He was travelling to a meeting at the Counsellor’s Meeting Hall to hear Lord Kasaven speak to the masses about a new dread menace that was threatening the whole world.

Upon arriving at the hall he dismounted and entered to see a large crowd jostling for space in the cramp building. Spotting a familiar sight not seen for many a year, he pushed his way through to stand by Pandora.

“Hail Dark Lady, tis an honour to serve at your side again” then a little quieter added “Even if it is at the side of the living”.

After pleasantries were exchanged Pleb sat down next to Pandora and waited for the Arrival of Kasaven who was expected to arrive shortly to start this unusual meeting.

Pleb watched as many more of the living entered and found places for them selves, taking special attention when the United Pirates swaggered into the room. Thinking to him self “Pirate have a reputation for drinking too much, what use did they have in this gathering”. But kept his thoughts to himself as Pandora seemed to be interested in their arrival.

Kasaven eventually arrived and started the meeting and proceeded to explain about a demoness called 1x Tab and her recent theft of a crystal fragment that in the wrong hands could be devastating to the world as a whole and that all the peoples of the land needed to put aside their differences and stand as one against this menace.

Kasaven reported that there were reports of attacks on Luna and I was shocked and then heartened to learn that our very own Cherry Spy had been instrumental in defying the beast and defeating her minions.

He also reported the rumours of dead pirates returning to life and attacking coastal communities, and that through his investigations had discovered that an attack was going to take place shortly and was requesting that all present would accompany him and help him drive off this attack.

The meeting finished with Kasaven opening a portal straight to the threatened community and following Pandora I stepped into the swirling mists.

Upon arriving we set up ambush for the attack and as it wasn’t long before we saw the long sunk ships of dread pirates and their crews rise from the depths and start to attack the town. The stout defenders of Sosaria attacked with full fury and determination to defeat this foul uprising and we were soon knee deep in blood and the dieing. Surprisingly the United Pirates stood side by side with Pandora and the other defenders and were as ferocious as any around them.

I stationed my self at the rear of the battle were the attackers were lightest to aid the fallen with my dark healing powers and to defend others who were doing a similar duty in patching fallen comrades and sending them back into battle.

I wasn’t present at the retrieval of the crystal fragment, and was informed by my Dark Queen that the battle was long and fierce. Unfortunately the foul creature escaped but her ability to wreck mayhem and carnage had been weaken for now, though I suspect that she will lick her wounds and make her diabolical plans to enslave and destroy us when she is ready.

When this will be, nobody can guess but it is sure to be brutal and without warning.

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