The Eye of the Storm

zachary-back-tattooIt had been a few days since those punk kids took stabs at me because of the bruises on my face. Director Razele expelled them both, so take that!  Ha!  I am sure my test scores proved my case. I actually love school and really want to one day go to Wind and become a great mage.  I am after all from Moonglow.  Dad shoots down my dreams every chance he gets wanting me to take a job as a janitor in the zoo, like he had when he was my age.  “You’re aiming too high,” he says. “You’ll never amount to anything,” he says. “I have a real job waiting for you when you graduate at the zoo,” he says. Bah! Whatever.

All I really care about is the well-being of my mother, my brother, and my sister.  Dad can go rot!  Well… I take that back, not really. He is still my dad.  He isn’t always that mean.  I remember the time he snuck me and my little brother Henry to actually see and pet the silver steed at the zoo!  Man what a rush! Dad told us no one gets to pet it, because its so dangerous, but he’s good at calming the beasts so it was cake for him.  I thought, “Dude how cool it would be to mount one of them!”  Its not always been bad.

I guess my parent’s main source of stress has always been my sister Andee. Andee was born nearly two months premature. She gets sick a lot, is really frail and a bit clumsy.  She’s shorter than most of the kids her age, skinnier too. But then again, sometimes we go without a proper dinner so we’re all a little bit thinner than most kids our age. The hardships of having a mother than cannot read or write and a father that has always made peanuts for a salary.  I always help where ever I can, I take on odd jobs here and there after school and I look after Andee as much as possible.

Henry, my lil dude, he looks up to me.  I try to set a great example for him. I help him with all his homework. He loves to play rugby so I play with him when ever I can and he also likes to work out with me.  We do sprints around Moonglow and push ups and squats.  He also helps out by cleaning up and looking after Andee too. Love my little brother.

But then there are the moments in my house which I can only describe as a battle field.  My father will snap for just about anything, you never can tell with him.  And if Mom tries to defend us, he snaps on her too!  He will just as easy backhand her as punch me square in the face.  He gets these fits of rage in him for simple things, like… Mom not finishing the laundry and having his zookeeper uniforms clean and pressed.  Like dude, make due!  She runs after three kids and runs the farms.  Like come on?  But often I have to step in and take the beating for Henry or most especially Andee. Like I said she’s soooo fragile.  *sighs*

Anyways, I need to stop writing in my journal and go tend to the chickens before he gets home.

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