The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 4

armand-sexy-2I stared into Marius’ eyes. I could see his worry that Lestat and I would be overwhelmed with having to step into his shoes as head of this family.  I shot Lestat a quick glance and nodded in understanding. Lestat was amazing this way, when he HAD TO step up he stepped up in a big way. He was clutch like that. I knew he would do his very best and he would be the one to hold Pandora together.

I could see how much Marius loved Mary, my sister, and how he worried that with the threats made against her, she would be harmed or killed. He could not bare that thought. It hurt him to have to tell her to stay and he was thankful that Flavius was home and that he would take care of Mary.

I could also see how he longed for Va’lis who had become like a brother to me, much more so than my wife’s sire. He had grown to love him and everything we’re going through now was really because he loved him so much that the harm that came to Carrie at the hands of The Draconians so vexed him that he could not contain his rage. I know my sire. I know his brutality and for him to have lost all control like that takes a lot. It is not something anyone would want to witness. 

But all these things what I could feel so vividly was his desperation at being pulled away from his true love, the woman that stood at his side for the better part of two thousand years… Pandora. For him there would never be another like her. And that feeling was certainly mutual. Despite the ups and downs they had faced, theirs was a true fairytale wrapped in nightmares and devilish things. They had endured. And our entire family looked to them as the example to be. I had held on to so much hate and reproach for my sire throughout the centuries for I could never have been enough for him. And I so wanted to be. But I realize now that I had to experience that love myself in order to understand it and it was not until my lovely Merida walked into the Brew and into my soul that I now understand — it was always Pandora for him.

I turned to look and there he was — Va’lis, late as usual. Oh, how he loves to make an entrance. But he showed up. I looked over at the woman that had so foolishly fell in love with him, Cherry. Her eyes light up like a million stars in the sky as did Carrie’s. Did he really understand and appreciate the love she had for him? I wonder. Would he finally learn not to hurt her? He was so darn close to having the type of love Pandora and Marius have, or I have with Merida, or Lestat has with Louis, or Amroth has with Esme — could he see it? Don’t fuck it up brother.

I heard him say to Marius, “Shall we go before you are late, or do you just plan on standing around here all day?” And I rolled my eyes with a smirk. How I love my weird, crazy, psycho family!!! And with that we all watched as the dials turned and the world gate opened. Saphi ran to her Papa Va’lis, who scooped her up in his arms before moving through the portal. For that brief moment all was right in the world.


– Armand

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