The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 6

Zeeke leaped forward, fangs out towards Marius… she meant to drain him dry!  But a rush of wind was felt as Va’lis sprang forward dashing right into Zeeke’s path line.  Oh he wanted a piece of that bitch!  Probably more than anyone else in that hallway.  Realizing her mistake, Zeeke tried to abort but it was too late… she landed right on top of Va’lis sliding down the hall right along with him.  Va’lis quickly moved from under her and tried to flip himself over so he would be on top… Zeeke was weak, very weak!  Va’lis felt it!  He smirked, “I reckon I am going to enjoy this.” He tore at her throat.  Zeeke tried to fight him, but proved futile.

Altais moved in, Danielle tried to hold him back but he shook her off like a bad habit.  Whatever Zeeke was… she was still his sire and he wasn’t going to let her go out like that. Blasphemy followed right behind him, pulling out her long silver-tipped whip. Altais dove right in only to meet Pandora’s force punt him right back where he came from, just as she heard Blasphemy’s whip crack and wrap right around Va’lis neck.  She tugged forcefully back, pulling Va’lis off of Zeeke. Allowing her just enough time to scurry from under him.  David Talbot yelled. “STOP! Everyone just stop!”  Just then the Order guards came in to hold everyone back and Blasphemy was ordered to let Va’lis go. Zeeke couldn’t help herself,  she clawed through Va’lis’ face on his left side as soon as she was free.  But the Order guards grabbed her, forcing her into submission.  Her actions would land her in the dungeon below for the rest of these proceedings.

Pandora grabbed her son, helping him to his feet. She looked him over, “You alright?” Then bit into her wrist to give him some of her blood, which she had been fortifying for some time now with Enkil’s pure blood. He nodded with a smirk, “I got a piece of that cunt,” he said before taking Pandora’s wrist to his mouth. “I saw,” she smiled at him. “Too bad we can’t fucking finish the job,” Pandora continued. Marius moved towards Va’lis, whispered in his ear, “Soon, my son, soon,” he smiled at Va’lis and patted his shoulder as he drank from Pandora.

David Draco was now without Zeeke, and he was fucking furious. Never had he wanted a piece of Marius de Romanus more than right at that moment, but he knew to hold his tongue for now.  For now…  but best believe that the Draconians would not stop until Marius was put down.  But the feeling was very much mutual.

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