Vamp’s Lair Grand Opening Set for July 4th, 10 PM EST

We have been working terribly hard, and digging deep in our pockets, for the past few months on recreating the city that many old timers recognize as Vamp’s Lair.  A vampire city made exclusively for the intermingling of all role playing types — vampire, human, or otherwise — Vamp’s Lair will host numerous events every single week with special events throughout the year for all citizens of Sosaria.

Now its time to show off what we’ve done so far, and hopefully continue to add to it as we go along.  So we encourage all players, whether they role play or not, to come join us for the GRAND OPENING of the new Vamp’s Lair, now located in Malas smack dab between Luna and Umbra, on July 4th at 10 PM EST.   We know July 4th is a special day for the United States, so we’ve made a little bit later on in the evening to be able to accomodate any real life activities that others may have planned.  In honor of this great holiday, we’re asking all visitors to wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE colors.

There will be lots of games, interaction with other players, and a DOOM CRAWL to polish off the night.

For details on the location, please click HERE.

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