St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Join us on THURSDAY, MARCH 17th, 2011 for a day of celebration in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.  The Bloody Brew will open an hour earlier than usual, at 8 PM EST to allow everyone to come join us in a toast to Ole St. Pat!  The Brew will be serving a wide variety of home-made and imported wines, liquors, ales, and brews.  All visitors will drink FREE!!!

In honor of this great day, we ask that all guests come don their GREEN!  This event is open to ALL players of the Catskills shard, regardless of play style.

Comedy Night, Friday 10/22 at 8 PM EST

Hello everyone!

CoD is once again hosting Comedy Night at our nightclub, the Vampire Lounge this Friday, Oct. 22nd at 8 PM EST. We invite all Catskills’ players to join us, no matter what play style you enjoy. We have a beautiful stage, fully equipped, just waiting for you guys to take it so you can make us all laugh! If you’d like to tell your jokes, please let CoD members know to get on the list of sets for the night. We’ll also be giving away gold and prizes for the best jokes of the night.

The Vampire Lounge is located in our city, Vamp’s Lair, in Malas. The coordinates are 32N, 2E. We occupy the old abandoned Orc Fort right off the road that connects Luna and Umbra, after the mountain pass.

We hope to see you guys all there!


The Vampire Lounge Hosts Comedy Night With Great Success

Laughs, smiles, and good energy were the order of the night for Comedy Night at Vamp’s Lair’s premier nightclub, the Vampire Lounge.  Gates were magically placed allowing visitors from Luna and Britain to easily access. Soon the guests took their chair and the lights dimmed as the stage lit up.  The jokes starting to pour out…

This is the photo album from that night.  Be sure to join us next month for more social events at Vamp’s Lair and Umbra.

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The Vampire Lounge will host Open Mic Night!

All citizens of Sosaria are welcomed to join us on Sunday, July 25th (DATE CHANGE NOTICE) as the Comedy Club presents “Open Mic Night” at the Vampire Lounge, open to all at 8 PM EST.  Free food and drink will be provided to all attendees, as well as free parking!

Anyone that wishes to get up on stage and entertain the rest of us with your best jokes and tall tales should be there at 7 PM EST for registration.  Comics will have an average of 15 mins on stage to do their run thru, so plan accordingly.

We hope to see you all there!

Vamp’s Lair Grand Opening Set for July 4th, 10 PM EST

We have been working terribly hard, and digging deep in our pockets, for the past few months on recreating the city that many old timers recognize as Vamp’s Lair.  A vampire city made exclusively for the intermingling of all role playing types — vampire, human, or otherwise — Vamp’s Lair will host numerous events every single week with special events throughout the year for all citizens of Sosaria.

Now its time to show off what we’ve done so far, and hopefully continue to add to it as we go along. 

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