The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 4

armand-sexy-2I stared into Marius’ eyes. I could see his worry that Lestat and I would be overwhelmed with having to step into his shoes as head of this family.  I shot Lestat a quick glance and nodded in understanding. Lestat was amazing this way, when he HAD TO step up he stepped up in a big way. He was clutch like that. I knew he would do his very best and he would be the one to hold Pandora together.

I could see how much Marius loved Mary, my sister, and how he worried that with the threats made against her, she would be harmed or killed. He could not bare that thought. It hurt him to have to tell her to stay and he was thankful that Flavius was home and that he would take care of Mary.

I could also see how he longed for Va’lis who had become like a brother to me, much more so than my wife’s sire. He had grown to love him and everything we’re going through now was really because he loved him so much that the harm that came to Carrie at the hands of The Draconians so vexed him that he could not contain his rage. I know my sire. I know his brutality and for him to have lost all control like that takes a lot. It is not something anyone would want to witness. 

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 1

marius-and-maryI knew the time had come. Monday is the Tribunal.  David and Maharet had done all they could do, at least I wouldn’t be put down like a lame dog. But I would be away from my family, my Lydia. That hurt me more than anything else. I know that as much as she sometimes gets overwhelmed by my antics, Lydia is actually a very sensitive woman and the knowledge that I am out there somewhere where she can run to is a big comfort for her. I am not sure that anyone would be able to quiet the silence that she would feel if they sentence me to a box. Not even Va’lis, for as much as she loves him and he loves her — it’s not the same. That desperation was one I felt when Lydia taken from me and only when you have that kind of love could you ever truly relate. But there was no turning back now, I must face the music. 

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A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 2

skara*at the Blacksmith’s in Skara Brae, after the Spiritwood Masterpiece Theatre Presentation*

Pandora got up slowly from the floor where she had slid to a halt. She moved to where Va’lis had been thrown across the room, hitting the wall and sliding down. Zeeke hadn’t even flinched when Pandora grabbed her by the throat lifting her off her feet; Pandora had forgotten one of the most important rules — don’t piss off vampires that are older than you. She extended a hand to Va’lis and pulled him up to his feet. The rage in her, burning. She opened a gate home, “Come.”

Once they landed in Vamp’s Lair, they went inside and she plopped onto the expensive fancy couch inside. Va’lis sat in the loveseat near her. She put her foot up on the coffee table and then suddenly kicked the flower vase off of the table, crashing to the floor in an explosive shattering motion. She cursed. “We have to talk about your anger issues,” he said.

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Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 1

*at the Charlottenburg Palace in Germany, Pandora recieves an urgent message from her husband, Marius at a little before 6 o’clock in the evening.*

My dearest, 

Va’lis’ current state absolutely breaks my heart… don’t tell him I said that.  He came to me practically begging me to let him go to Germany. I couldn’t say no, forgive me.  Whether the time is right or not, he’s on his way and bringing Miss Parker with him.  You’ll have to meet him in Paris.  He is fully accredited now, I saw to it, as a Romanus… our adopted son. 

Love always,



“Fuck,” she mumbled as if no one would hear her.

She crumpled up the paper and put in her Chanel bag.  She looked up to see a dissheveled Cherilyn, still crying… mourning… the day she had been most looking forward to.  Cherry didn’t mind Pandora’s presence, she knew that underneath it all Pandora was the matriach of the family Romanus, which did in fact include her. “What is it?” she asked Pandora. “Nothing, just business issues in Paris,” she answered with a smile. “If you must go, Pand. Go.” Cherry said, almost not meaning it. “Unfortunately, I do have to go.  But I will be back I promise.”

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Its time to train. And I am a no bullshit kinda girl when it comes to training.

Called out to Va’lis, telling him to bring his armor.  Of course when he saw me on Ichabod in full armor, he knew.  It was time. I have to ensure he can fight against us; the Earthen vampires. It important that he learn how to counter the vampiric abilities that we have.  The Draconians have them,  and used them against him, so better be prepared.

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Forgiveness Begets Love


There comes a time in the life of every vampire when we are forced to surrender to the will of another and only the power of another can make you see the truth. For me, that was the moment I understood that the pain of another vampire would help me get through my own pain. Pandora de Romanus had let down her guard, as I had, and let the laughter of children into her unbeating heart. Saralyn and Brelynn had been the absolute joy of her otherwise boring, repetitious life.  Those girls had meant the world to her as Claudia had to me.  When Saralyn was murdered, the entire event took me to a deep dark part of my own story that I had buried behind a curtain of hatred, bitterness, and ignorance.

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What the devil?!?


Not all cars are the same!  And when it comes to the cars that appeared in the last 100 years on Earth… no two are the same, even when they are.  My passion for these machines started with the Model T.  How fascinating it was to crank up the motor in one of those bad boys!  Truly magical.   Our collection of cars spans many models, many makes, and many years.  Marius shares this passion right along with me… I guess that’s why he when Mary first returned to us, it was the first thing he did for her on Earth — bought her a car. And of course not just any car either.  He wanted her to have the best, thus Mary drives around (when she can — she’s too famous to drive around alone now-a-days) in a shiny beautiful Ferrari 430 Convertible in White with Red Leather interior with her name carved in solid 24k gold plating on the driver’s side door. A real beauty!

And just like Marius spoiled Mary,  for the brief time that Va’lis had been my protégo I had indulged him with a slick concept Cadillac Cien which he fell in love with. But since he was new to Earth, I told him he was not allowed to drive it solo.  First he had to allow us to create him a full identity on Earth, then take driving classes, get a license, get insurance on the car, etc. etc.  He agreed. Then the whole situation happened and Va’lis decided he was better off without me… which broke my heart. But whatever!

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