Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 11

merida_douglas_portraitI remained calm in my small inadequate prison. 24 hours..a few hours have passed now I know. I could feel him coming. David. He was such a bore. A handsome one..but a bore none the less. He presented “gifts” to me. My brothers sword, that both pissed me off and scared the shit out of me. My beloved Isonu… he was so young… helpless against them. Venora. Poor Venora she was still newborn! And my little niece… Naomi. No I cannot let this happen. I felt rage when seeing Helen and Astoria. I watched zeeke brutally murder Helen. They took Astoria away. No, I can’t let her be harmed. She was family. We loved her. At the sight of my children’s belongings I shattered. No, not my children.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 3



I’ve always been a hot headed woman, even growing up in the darkness that is Wind with my mentor, and father, Val’is. When it came to the situation of my new sire sister being kidnapped by the Draco’s, it was no different. I felt rage in the pit of my stomach. No one screwed with my bloodline. Just because I bonded to my fire mother, Maharet, didn’t mean I forgot where I came from. Or who my family was.

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A Heavy Heart

venice1After Pandora and Marius made up and came back from their “vacation”, immediately Armand and I went on our own vacation back to Venice. I have to say, I was getting used to being waited upon and called Lady Romanus. Being a Baroness had its perks. I went to different functions with Armand, and even on Earth my higher calling was to children. Armand was more then happy to pour large sums of money into rebuilding and fixing orphanages in our city. Our city? Well I guess it’s rubbing off on me well.

Armand and I were in the middle of our adoption of Antonio. Our baby boy I had fallen in love with when I first visited the orphanage before we married. My papers read that I was from Scotland. Marius had acquired everything I needed to be a part of that world. So the adoption agency could dig into me all they want. I had my story down and even the accent I have grown fond of using around others. I sat in the orphanage with all the children, Antonio in my lap, reading to them. These poor children wanted the attention, wanted to be loved, and I was more then willing to give them a part of my day to give them that.

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Heart of Fire…

Merida4I searched and studied for a very long time. Finally, I believe I have learned why, why I become fire. It was about thirty years after I was turned into a Vampire. I sat in my Sire’s office in Wind, experimenting on how I could make my fire spells more deadly. I was angry at him; I knew fire would be his destruction if nothing else. I worked on the flame strike spell, in hopes it was enough. I found myself using enhancing spells and meshed it with the flame striking spell. It worked, while it made my spell more deadly I knew it as not enough. I needed more!

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A Life Changing Love


I have lived for over a hundred and twenty nine years, and never knew what love truly was. Until I met him. Hair black as night, eyes dark and so seductive. His smile, oh that smile. He lit new fire within me I never knew I had. And his name….Armand.

I thought my life complete, living along side my sire, Va’lis Razele. I loved him, no matter the emotional scar’s he put me through. Followed him down to the deepest hell imaginable, until someone else took my place at his side. I was so torn, so deeply heartbroken. I thought of death and its sweet release, but he would not let me die, he forced me to live. Through my pain and agony I could see nothing, nothing but my own despair. I sat in that tavern alone, giving into my pain through drinking heavily.

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