Always a Thrill…

mariusandmary..Days after Marius pulled me from that cell; I was dragged back into the recording studio with Lestat. I could not help but laugh at my childish best friend. In the one week I was locked away he wrote a whole new album of music for us both. I was glad that he did, it gave me something to focus on other then a nagging in the back of my head that was Marius. Lestat and I sat in the booth and recorded all the instrumentals first, and then meshed it all together, and then we sang. I love singing with him, he has such a unique style to his voice that mirrors mine so beautifully. We were perfect together, musically anyway. He could never be anymore to me then my best friend and confidant.

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Controlling the Thirst….

MarycryingI’ve never been so pissed off in my life. I thought Marius simply turning me, then making me his mistress, and then suddenly flipping around and refusing to touch me was bad enough. No, he goes and sticks me in a damned 4 x 4 cell; no light, no sound, and I can’t even have my music to occupy me! With this damned bond, I can feel his emotions. He’s upset he stuck me in here, what the fuck Marius! YOU stuck ME in the cell! Get over it! I’m the one that’s mad!! What else could I do, I sang. I sang every heartbreaking, emotional, heart pulling song I knew in my head. I felt his distress and I felt his want to let me out of there. Yeah, let me out of here Marius, you’ll be the first one I bite!

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A Difficult Lesson

midieval-jailroomI knew that taking Mary through her journey of exploring her gifts wouldn’t be peaches and cream.  No.  It would be tough, sometimes unbearable, not just for her but for me as her maker. But I am determined to make her into a better, well-rounded, powerful vampire.  Afterall, she was created with my blood… the blood of Akasha.  And it was Akasha I feared the most in Mary’s regard. For the culling is soon to be underway and if Mary is to survive, she must be taught properly.

For I took her out and showed her how to awaken her Glamour Gift; bending the will of mortals and creatures to her own.  She channels the power that is naturally within her, through her music.  She did well, some trouble at first but she’s getting better. The Glamour Gift taps into your own individual energy, which can come from whatever feeds it, to project outwardly. For me, I use my love for Pandora, which has always been the source of my greatest power. But I also use the love of my entire family to fuel it. For Mary, it is the love of music that fuels her… the source of her energy and power.  She will need to practice the Glamour Gift more until she perfects it.

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Drown in Sorrow


I grew up a simple life in the town called Minoc. My father was a prominent public figure. A Proud Governor and business man. My Mother was a simple woman with a love for music.  I was born December 19th, in our Estate outside of town. The first child of the Drown family, and my father’s pride and joy. I was doted upon by the entire town. Jokes were made that I should have been the little princess! Mother started teaching me music really young. She sang to me every day, and every night before I went to sleep. I loved her so much.

By the time I reached ten I was along side mother playing her piano, and the lute, and the flute. I sang loud and performed little shows for mom and dad. Daddy asked me to start playing and singing for those visitors that would come every week to talk business. Oh how I loved it all. the bright warming smiles, the applause at the end of my little show. Vibrant, so alive I was at that age. How I wish I could go back to those days, where I am loved, where I am safe and nothing could hurt me.

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A girl’s trip to Earth…

When you think of a wedding, what is the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind? The dress. That’s right, and being that I am now expanding into women’s wear with my already wildly successful children’s wear, I had all the connections that would be needed to ensure that Merida Douglas has the dress of her absolute dreams.  I called in old favors in Venice, Milan, and Rome — houses of the some of the world’s most famous designers.

So I encouraged Merida to come along on a girl’s trip to Earth… she was hesitant at first; having anxiety over the portals to and from Earth.  That magic was one that was mostly Earth-driven, not Sosarian so it did scare Merida a little.  We prepared for the journey.  The portal is almost instant, at least to the traveler’s eyes, but in essence its a 5 hour journey.  Back in the day it used to take over 30 hours; the magic has greatly improved.  But to us it seemed like a wink.  We did however feel the jet lag once we arrived.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceThe portal from the city of Umbra takes us straight to our Palisades in Paris.  I showed her our compound and the Catacombs underneath, which are very similar to the Catacombs I had shown her before underneath Vamp’s Lair.  She settled in and then we strolled out into this great big world that for her seemed like a storybook tale.  As we ascended up the elevator of the Palais de Chaillot, which has underground tunnels to our Palisades, I could feel the excitement permeating off of Merida and the first thing she ever saw was the grand magnificence of the Eiffel Tower straight ahead just as the dusk set in.  What an introduction to a world she barely remembered!  Her mouth dropped, she stood inhumanely still unable to say a word. Her silvery eyes absorbed every inch of the structure that stood in front of her.

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Armand’s Birthday

Click for full view.Being that only a few of us actually remember their birthdays, I have always been a stickler for celebrating Armand’s birthday.  Some years I forget, which he doesn’t seem to mind, but most of the years of our eternity together I have been keen to remember. We kind of see it as a celebration for all of us. We usually celebrate it in varying ways every year… sometimes its a big blow out, sometimes its just the two of us chatting and laughing in one of our many properties.

This year I decided, since Merida is now going to be part of our family,  that we should throw a big party for all the vampires of the region and have it at Armand’s newly built home here in Sosaria, Villa Vizcaya.  I know that he and Merida have been hard at work getting the home together, getting it ready for visitors. Armand painstakingly worked with Amroth to design a home with Merida, and maybe a little bit of me, in mind. Merida’s passion lies in her gardening, mine in my eye for fashion.  Both were incorporated nicely into the home.  Merida has her own office where she can quietly work on her lesson plans and grade papers without much interruptions and I have my own personal design studio for all my fashions which now include women’s wear in addition to children’s wear.  As a gift, Merida went out and bought all new painting easels, brushes, paints, canvases, and art supplies and set Armand up his very own painter’s studio on the balcony. We’re both hoping it inspires him to return to the art he so loved, so long ago.

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A Life Changing Love


I have lived for over a hundred and twenty nine years, and never knew what love truly was. Until I met him. Hair black as night, eyes dark and so seductive. His smile, oh that smile. He lit new fire within me I never knew I had. And his name….Armand.

I thought my life complete, living along side my sire, Va’lis Razele. I loved him, no matter the emotional scar’s he put me through. Followed him down to the deepest hell imaginable, until someone else took my place at his side. I was so torn, so deeply heartbroken. I thought of death and its sweet release, but he would not let me die, he forced me to live. Through my pain and agony I could see nothing, nothing but my own despair. I sat in that tavern alone, giving into my pain through drinking heavily.

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Whispers and idle gossip…

resurrectionI have been hearing whispers…

They seem very afraid, unsteady about the decision of our House to bring him back to life. I, being one of his most focused victims at some point, understand this angst. But he’s different. The same, but still different. He braved the strong fight to rescue me from the depths of the Lich’s Lair, all the while protecting my daughter, Brelynn, and being mindful of my beloved husband’s authority. He cannot be so terrible, after all.

But this is Va’lis Razele. The same Va’lis Razele that has murdered hundreds, and maimed many more, in his quest for power. He is ruthless, merciless, and evokes the fears of many at his sight. Much to do will be had about him, about his resurrection. Our family will have to answer for that. Will this cost us our anonymity, our secret shadows, that we so depend on to run our businesses and turn our profits. We employ so many, and not just vampires and other supernaturals, but many mortals as well. Will their livelihood be compromised by Marius’ decision to ally with Va’lis?

The only answer I can come to is that Va’lis must have some desire for what we may be able to offer him; what I may be able to offer him. Hence the gossip. The whispers running about the lair is that Va’lis and I are romantically intertwined; that that would be his great desire to rescue me. And while I cannot deny my own draw to him, its much more maternal than romantic. This I can guarantee. Marius has been, and will always be, my one true love. But for me, Va’lis’ story and his struggles have drawn me to him, his lack of proper tutelage in this life… this unlife… is something I can try my best to rectify. So I will adopt him as my progeny, if he will have me.

The vampire in me, however, will always indulge in her own progeny; so has Marius throughout our eternities. This is no crime, its nature. But my heart undoubtedly belongs to one. My Marius… my mortal love; my immortal beloved. He’s the father I chose to adopt the girls with, the one I devoted myself to as a young mortal girl of 15. I’ve loved him for over a thousand years, and will love him for over a thousand more.

The rest is just… idle gossip.

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A Sad Farewell

cemeteryMy dear Marius suffers, my maker, my lover, my teacher…  his pain is shared by all of his progeny.  It is my hope that Pandora is deep within the earth, unable to pick up what we do or her efforts to buy us time would have been in vain.

But for now we must say goodbye to one of our own, a child. Pandora’s child. A child that for years did not know who or what she was. She only knew that she shared this affliction with her twin sister and that all around her, her human family was aging and dying, yet her own development was severely slowed. A child that was finally among others that understood her, that loved her, that wanted her, and that taught her. She was coming into her own, having been trained by the best of us, but a child none the less. Marius’ daughter.

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