A Crypted Note Found

crypted-noteDusk rose. Dragula and Alejandro had already risen, holding the perimeter in check. Harvey and I started our search, from the top down. Even through the decomposing bodies that had been there prior to our arrival and the ones we now added to the place, we had to fulfill our orders to our coven leader.  We needed to find anything that would give us a clue as to why Va’lis would visit this Dojo.

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Deadly Beauty


Upon orders from our coven leader Marius, we were to venture into the great isles of Tokuno to investigate the reasons behind Va’lis’ notes would be hidden there. Isonu mentioned that he has been attacked by stealthy characters once he had retrieved partial entries of Va’lis’ journal from deep within the Dojo. It is our charge to seek answers, so I asked one of my more formidable Legionnaires, Harvey Daniels to come along with me. We summoned our best fighters, Dragula and Alejandro to accompany us.  As we were preparing our dragons, my maker Amroth came to me. He gave me a shadow sextant infused with shadow magic, certain to be more accurate.  It would also glow a deep blue if there were Balrons near. Legend did have it that Tokuno has several Balrons that make it it’s residence. He hugged me and wished us both well on our journey.

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A New Task


Today was a tough day. Having to tell my surviving daughter, Brelynn that her sister was killed was not easy. Oh how I wish my Pandora was here to properly console her, I feel unequipped. It was a devastating blow. From the note left with …. well… *tries to hold back tears* … its clear that they want to have possession of Those Who Must Be Kept, but for what purpose. Caring for them has been our family’s dynasty; our most vigilant charge.  The word “return” was thrown out there.  Could it be that these bastards that hold my beloved and killed my daughter are the ancients that kept them before me? Perhaps.

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Torn Notes from a Journal

journalReports surfaced today that part of the journal notes may have been found. Only that when found, they were immediately taken. Isonu was not able to hold off these two assailants and they got away with whatever was found. Isonu tells me this occurred by the Fan Dancers in Tokonu. I have left word with Cherry Spy to command her Beast Legion and search for anything out of the ordinary in Fan Dancers and she is to report directly to Isonu; he’s in charge.

– M

A Gruesome Delivery

Black_gift_boxMarius and Memphisto sat discussing the business at hand. That business is finding Pandora while keeping Those Who Must Be Kept safe from falling into the wrong hands. As such Marius and the ancients of his coven have put a plan in action to move the King and Queen to Sosaria, where none can follow.  The portals between the two worlds — Earth and Sosaria — have only ever been discovered by the most powerful of mages in Sosaria. Earthlings do not posses such powers, at least none that we know of.

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Strangers in the Dawn


Strangers, ancients… they’ve come to take them, my love. As I write this, they are burning Lola and her children from their coffins in the break of the dawn’s light. The twins were sent away, fleeing for their safety. No one must know what they are. I tried to fend them off from the Pallisades palace, but to no avail. My injuries are far too grave, ground I would need, but no time is left. I have no other recourse, I am turning myself over. I let them take me now to buy us some time; take me to fight another day. They desire our relinquishment of our Queen and her King. How they know we are their keepers, I do not know. These ancients were powerful, as powerful as you and I. They had slaves, half-breed slaves that did their bidding. Never have I seen that many half-breeds, especially in this world.

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The Blackrock’s Power

blackrockThe Children gathered at our new coven’s headquarters. Pandora awaited my presence with angst; looking at her watch several times. I had to go to the Catacombs to retrieve a special object that we had been entrusted with. It was time to show the coven what we were up against.

Once I returned, everyone noticed that I carried a long object wrapped in blankets and covered in an old leather hilt. I handed the entire package to Pandora, she then removed the object from the old hilt, and unwrapped it. Revealing a sword, glowing with red specks throughout it. I backed away from it.

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The Others

black_swordIsonu had come to us in search of refuge. His tale told the story of how Va’lis Razele succumbed to the powerful allure of dark magic that had been somehow fused into a rare artifact known as “The Blackrock Sword”. Now it all made sense to me, his affinity for blackrock and its explosive powers… the mineral was used to in essence fuel the sword’s power.

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An Unwanted Interruption

Ix-Tab1The night was beautifully filled with bright stars,  not a cloud in sight.  Even the heavens must of known the Queen would travel to Umbra for this great gathering.  Our friend Jonas Callahan had dutifully written his speech and with the assistance of Marius had finished it.  He didn’t want it to be too obvious that he was now one of our kind, so Marius helped him adjust his words.

I had spoken myself the eve’ before with Capt. Erikkson in regards to any additional security that may be needed, as our coven is closely tied to Umbra and service as its protectorate.  He assured me no additional presence would be needed, so most of our coven opted to forgo the event entirely, leaving only myself and a few other Kindred in attendance. Marius was actually excited to have such an even within the walls of Umbra.  Of course, we all know how cultured he is and this was just the opportunity he had wanted to dust off his favorite tuxedo and of course have me on his arm.  To escort me to a ball or gala was his favorite mortal pass time.

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