The Aftermath, Pt. 2

carrie-parker-depressedIt has been a few weeks since the events of London and Carrie is still volatile at best. As her sire-mother, I simply do not know what to do.  I’m trying everything I can. But it seems like I am in this alone.  As much Merida has made time to come and visit Carrie, she’s busy with her own healing and she has Armand and the kids to focus on so she barely has the time to spend with Carrie. But bless her unbeating heart, she tries.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 7

marius-burn-it-downI heard that sound and I jumped behind Va’lis to catch him by his neck, I pulled him to me dropping him down to the ground covering him completely with my own weight. Cherry took a split second to turn her rage in the right direction, at Kirk. She flew through the air and using the butt of her gun struck him clear across his face knocking him flat on the floor. He almost immediately sprung back to feet only to be met with Cherry’s full hellfire vamp mode; fangs and claws out. “Oh you came to play,” Kirk taunted her. She was a fierce killer when she turns up. She stood up straight and threw her guns down, putting up her fists. She made a beckoning hand gesture,”Come get some.” Kirk chuckled and threw down his own guns. What ensued was one hell of a fist fight.

I managed to pull Va’lis up from the ground, remaining horizontal and moved with him back towards the back hall where I saw no one stood guard. I ripped into my wrist letting my blood flow into Va’lis lips. He shook awake now feeling the full pain of the shot that burned in his torso. He let out a muffled cry, “Fuck that hurts!” He winced, biting his lower lip. “Stay still, drink.” I whispered to him offering my wrist again. He took it and drank deep. As he did I ripped through the leather jerkin he wore trying to find the wound. He wasn’t going to like what I did next. Ripping a piece of the leather I stuffed it in his mouth taking back my wrist,”Bite down, trust me,” I said. He did so. I used my short dagger retrieved from my inner boot strap and cut into his stomach; I need to get that bullet out. Va’lis was in agony. I felt almost all his pain, like we were bonded but we’re not. I stuck my fingers in and dug that bullet out. I then ripped into my other wrist dripping my blood into the wound directly. The burning of the healing is so intense. I gripped his hand tight looking into his eyes as he kept biting that torn leather.  “Sssshhhh, it will pass son. Hang on!” I tried to soothe him.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 5

valis-shotAs we made our way through the water, Marius kept pulling me back by shoulder and checking my speed. Did he not understand my desire to get Carrie out of the hell hole she was held in? Did he not sense my anger at those who dared took what was mine? A side glance back into his face showed me that he did indeed know how I felt.

That was why he was doing as he was.

Cherry however, took the lead for a short while. Blazing hair the only thing keeping her in my vision, she blended so well into the darkness it was hard even for me to keep track. She held up a hand and Marius halted me fully as she went around a corner, we heard a shot..and then another followed by a short scream and then a thump. Marius nodded and we continued past the now fallen mortal guard, his partner several feet beyond. Both downed with a shot to the chest.

It carried on like that for several slow, long moments. Cherry or Marius would drift forward, several shots would ring out and then we would advance once more. All the while I would try pushing past, I hated the slow pace of our advance and just wanted Carrie back in my arms safe and sound.

This place was dark, not in the sense of vision or brightness. No it was fairly well lit the farther we got, it was just a feeling that was settled over the halls. I had not felt something like that for several years, not since before I myself had met Pandora. My own guns were ready though, my fingers gripping it perfectly as Cherry had taught me. What was this feeling now? Was I worried? Anxious?

I was, and I knew it.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 1

glockI hurried to the back of the gun cellar and opened up the cabinets to start loading up a duffle bag full of my favorites; Va’lis followed me.  I knew that in order for us to survive this, Va’lis would need to be armed. If we were to successfully retrieve our daughters, that is. So I took out two Glock 27s, loaded magazines into them with our armor-piercers, handed them to him. I put a holster around him as he played with the guns, of course I knew to keep the safety on.  I took the guns and gave him a look before putting them into his holster.  This was no ordinary holster either, it came fully equipped with four magazine holders in the back, so I loaded all four slots for him.  “Va’lis these are not toys,” I told him.  He looked at me, “But they are so pretty.” “You’ll get your chance to use them, but not before you listen carefully,” I said.  “We have twenty minutes if that for you to learn what’s taken me centuries to perfect,” I told him. His face got serious and he looked like he was ready for business.  My husband may be aloof but he’s a killer, make no mistake, and when it’s time to be serious he’s got razor-like focus.  I knew that.  I could sense the rage in him growing, his eyes showed it.  I knew that walking him through all the nuances of shooting guns would certainly calm him a bit.  At least a bit.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 12

paris-france-pallisadesLouis sat and waited. He was watched the window like he longed for the sun to come through it. Maharet had returned and Marius was running after her. He could hear what they were saying, or rather what Marius was saying.

Lestat sat up and went to follow Marius, he longed for news of Merida whom he had gotten close due to Saphira’s talents.  Louis was quick to grab him, “Where do you think you’re going?” Louis questioned his lover and maker. Lestat stopped and looked at him, “Why do we wait on the elders to make their move?” “Because those are the rules, Lestat. We follow the rules. And until Marius comes in here to tell us to move, we sit. We wait.” Louis’ loyalty annoyed him but Lestat knew he was right. To question Marius’ or worse Maharet’s decisions would shake the foundation on which we built our coven and all the bloodlines in it. 

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 6

paris-frace-gun-cellarBack at the gun cellar, Marius and Armand go in on each other and a full screaming match ensues behind that now sealed door. Even Cherry has to stand in the middle and break it up a few times.  All the while, Va’lis sits in a corner thinking of his next move.  He really desired to get his magic working on Earth, to no avail but none the less.  The thought of it helped him calm down, regroup, and focus.  And when Va’lis is calm, he’s even more dangerous. Something Pandora’s taught him to do.  “Look at a problem from all angles,” she would say to him, “Focus on all the countermoves.”  How he appreciated her teachings in these moments. Va’lis had come to realize that a proper sire was an invaluable part of his life that had been missing for so long.  He missed the bond with Pandora; now more than ever.

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Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 3


Amroth tried to stop her. He knew his wife was controlling, manipulative, and worst of all violent. The complete opposite of him. Esme ran up the grand staircase with Pandora in tow and I trying to grab at her, make her stop.  As soon as she got to the top of the stairs, the master bedroom’s doors flung open… and there they stood:  Va’lis Razele and Esmeralda Plinius, face to face.  Ruby who had been sitting on the chaise outside the bedroom instantly stood up.  The collective gasps from Ruby, Cherry, and Pandora told us everything we needed to know.

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Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 2

Charlottenburg-Palace-Germany-NightNight was well set in as Pandora led Va’lis and Carrie around with Carries eyes still looking everywhere in awe, while Va’lis only looked straight ahead. So lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize Pandora had stopped until he ran into her back. With a shake of her head and a gesture for silence, she pointed to a window set high above the ground.

“Cherry is in that room” she mouthed while he nodded. The nerves, quickly rising back again as she gave him a quick hug for good luck. It was her turn to buy him time, and she set off briskly with a letter for Esme. Whatever she planned to do, Va’lis knew he couldn’t concern himself fully with it. He had a short window, and only one shot.

Dragging Carrie, he inched alongside the wall slowly. Doing his best to avoid being seen, he pushed her down to her knees and hands. Looking up in a mixture of shock and bewilderment, it faded quickly to annoyance as he used her as a stepping stool. Grasping the next ledge and hauling himself up onto the balcony.

He could see her, sleeping in the bedroom wrapped in a blanket and facing away from the balcony door. A moment passed with his eyes closed, and before his nerves gave way again he went to open the door. And it was locked.

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Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 1

*at the Charlottenburg Palace in Germany, Pandora recieves an urgent message from her husband, Marius at a little before 6 o’clock in the evening.*

My dearest, 

Va’lis’ current state absolutely breaks my heart… don’t tell him I said that.  He came to me practically begging me to let him go to Germany. I couldn’t say no, forgive me.  Whether the time is right or not, he’s on his way and bringing Miss Parker with him.  You’ll have to meet him in Paris.  He is fully accredited now, I saw to it, as a Romanus… our adopted son. 

Love always,



“Fuck,” she mumbled as if no one would hear her.

She crumpled up the paper and put in her Chanel bag.  She looked up to see a dissheveled Cherilyn, still crying… mourning… the day she had been most looking forward to.  Cherry didn’t mind Pandora’s presence, she knew that underneath it all Pandora was the matriach of the family Romanus, which did in fact include her. “What is it?” she asked Pandora. “Nothing, just business issues in Paris,” she answered with a smile. “If you must go, Pand. Go.” Cherry said, almost not meaning it. “Unfortunately, I do have to go.  But I will be back I promise.”

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Pain of Loss

Snow crunched underfoot, each step slow and measured before advancing further. It had fallen heavily over the past month and a half and without the usual servants tending to the accumulation, it was layered thick upon the steps. A fitting visual for the mood of the man that climbed slowly.

A month a half since she had fled after he failed to arrive. He could not blame her, but the man never faded. It merely grew stronger with each passing day, a driving searing pain that was pushing his already strained mind further against its limitations. Biting back a fresh surge of suffering, he fumbled for the keys in his jacket.

Hands which once were certain in all actions, now trembled as he inserted the key into the lock. Opening it by magic as he usually would have done was something he was fighting these days. Too long had he taken the easy way through life, when had he slowed and enjoyed the little things? Perhaps if he had, he could have seen the fear coiled about his heart as a serpent would be about a hare.

A creak and the door opened. Gusts of air scattered snow about the carpets within, yet he barely noticed. His gaze instead went straight to the ring sitting upon the note on the table, exactly where he had seen it last. Leaving the door open, Va’lis stepped forward into the past.

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