A Razele Nonetheless

My eyes lit up at the sight of poor little Naomi cradled in her mother’s hands at Monticello.  I could sense the rise of Va’lis’ rage as he turned on his heel.  I demanded of Cherry to lock down the line in Monticello to get all the Razele’s in the house immediately!  I followed Va’lis out as he ported over to Zento.  We looked around and found traces of a fight just outside the city by the docks…  we followed it.

Finally, a large pool of blood that I could smell was Isonu’s greeted us at the edge of the south western shore. Va’lis stopped. “They’re gone… and took him.”  he said. “But he’s alive, right?” I paused for a moment, “Right? Va’lis.”  He stopped looking over the water, “Yes, I feel him still.”  With that, I started to strip to my bare necessities, Va’lis stood looking into the water, where you could see the traces of blood into the mist. He looked to me, “What are you doing?”  As I unbuckled my Gucci skirt letting it drop on the grass revealing my armor, “What does it look like I am doing? I am going after them!” Va’lis shook his head, “I am afraid I cannot let you do that.”  “Let me, Va’lis,” I smirked; he sighed. He knew he couldn’t physically stop me, “Go fetch Flavius, Cassius too.  I’ll need our elder vampires.” He just looked at me, as I walked backwards towards the edge of the water…. I disappeared into the water.

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Not What’s Mine.. (part 2)

I was halfway to my feet by the time Cassadee reached me. Everything hurt and the world seemed to sway a bit, but she had clearly taken the worst of it. Seeing that it was mostly determination and her concern for me that kept her upright at that moment, I wrapped an arm around her waist and half carried her the short distance through a couple of teleporters as Erika stayed behind to check for any additional threats.
The climb to Monticello’s front door felt much longer than I remembered and by the time we reached the top it was all I could do not to drop this little red-headed beauty who had captured my heart so completely. Fortunately, as we were coming in, others were coming out. Cherry took her from me and helped her to the couch, offering some blood to speed her recovery. I followed, noting that the room was fairly crowded for a change, and vaguely noticed mention of another attack. Once it was clear that Cassadee was going to be fine, Cherry looked to me with a frown and said I looked like I needed to go lay down.
Three steps from the couch, everything seemed to spin. As I lifted my foot for a fourth, the ground leaped upward and the world went black.

Not what’s mine…

I held my loves hand as we made our way back to Monticello. I’ve never felt these feelings for a mortal man before, but my God I will never regret being with him. We agreed to wait until we could have a family together first… be married.. allow him time to age a bit more before I turned him. He would be my first.  And quite possibly my only.

Ariok looked to me with his beautiful eyes and smiled. “Think we can go home for a bit of…private training?” If my heart held a beat it would have fluttered. I grinned and pulled him to our home. Our safe haven. Upon opening the door I felt something wasn’t right. And at that moment I wish I had not asked Arioks guard to take a break.

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Hell fire and Brimstone

Three days, Armand and I searched for that little whore for three fucking days! Until finally Ana sent be word through our Razele blood that Krystalee was safe and hidden by Va’lis. She’s lucky, I’d have beat her down and pulled her back to Monticello by her pretty blond hair. I looked to Armand who took my hand and kissed me softly.

“Let’s get home my love.” I shook my head, “I want to check on Zachary and his family first.” As we made our way to the farm I heard a whistle and a sickening thud. I looked to Armand to see an arrow stuck in his gut. I felt instant rage as he hit his knees. I then heard a female voice, “Kill the little red head Razele bitch.”

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Adding to the Lineage

maharet-khayman-babyThis had been the third shot of the Kickstart Serum that we both had taken.  I am now about 6-7 weeks along.  It didn’t take but a week or so for Khayman’s seed to take hold.  We didn’t expect it to be so quick.  Mekare was told of the plan ahead of time, and of course she was completely against it. In our old Kemetian tongue, well through our telepathy which stayed through my transformation shockingly, she raged against the idea.

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Lanterns on the Water

Songbirds sang as the duo walked through the gardens surrounding Zento. The small childs laughter ringing clear as the crystal blue waters of the harbor while the man watched her with a smile. Alike and unalike they were as he placed each step carefully and with purpose, while she ran back and forth between the flowering cherry blossom trees and danced amongst the tall grasses.

They had been here for several days now, enjoying a relaxing time away from everything else. The girl’s mother had stayed behind, urging the two to enjoy themselves and come back once ready. And so they did, he taught her everything she would need to know once she was able to come to these lands on her own.

Isonu loved bringing Naomi here, to the lands of his birth. Still after all these years, it was where he felt the most at home. He would always serve Pandora and Marius, till the end of his days, but Tokuno still had its grasp upon his heart. He watched Naomi chasing after a crane, its call filling the air and startling the smaller birds out of a nearby tree. He began to scold her, but watching her smile and hearing her laughter brought a smile to his own face. She had gone through more than a child her age should, let her chase the bird if she wished. Just this once.

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valis-casual“Did he really just recall away?”, she questioned herself after her meeting with her ‘Uncle’. All she had asked was for him to tell her of her Father. She had every right to know and after everything she had given up for him during their time together, it was one of the few things he could give her.

Brelynn called upon Pandryl to come to her and within seconds he was by her side. She climbed up on him as she would do any normal time and held on tightly as they soared towards the sky together. Slowly, doing as they had practiced at lower heights, Brelynn slid back and stood while balancing on the mighty dragon’s back. She looked towards the heavens in a mighty thank you and smiled brightly as she slid back into a seated position. Pandryl landed them both safely in their favorite camping spot to where she built a campfire and took a bath in the nearby water, illuminated only by that of the moon. She had no true worries of someone daring to cause her harm with her protector so close.

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candle-burning-lowEyes darker than obsidian gazed back at himself from the mirror, it had been days since he last fed and the low flickering light of the nearby candle throwing shadows across the emotionless face as he slowly hung up his cloak and armor. Blues and blacks, several shades of each, had never before so clearly illustrated his mood today. A new threat, wary allies and always his own wariness.

How long would it be until he could have the peace he so craved? How long had it been since he’d gone a year without some new upstart trying to shatter apart the reality he wanted? Too long.

The house was still unlit for the most part, the weak Malas sun illuminating it as best it could. He made no sound as he moved throughout it so as not to wake Cherry from her slumber. She needed the rest more than he did what with the threats against the family. She worked too hard, it would be her undoing. Giving her the best gift he could right now, he made his way upstairs into the nursery quietly. A room he had begun spending more and more time in as of late.

A chair pulled in front of a portrait on the wall awaited him. He took it, and the bottle of wine from beneath it and gazed up into the eyes of the image before taking his first sip.

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Starry Nights

brelynn-pandrylAutumn was her absolutely favorite time of the year, the leaves would begin to fall and the hot summer days were beginning to fade as the air grew cooler. Absolutely nothing beat curled up against her dragon’s side, enjoying a fresh cold ale and looking up at the stars. She was in Heaven for the most part, except she couldn’t help but miss her family. She fought it for so long, the anger had almost faded away, and soon it would be time to make her peace within her family. Her mind fluttered momentarily to her ex-lover and fiance`, to which she toasted the night air and took another drink of her ale.

It’s funny how time could make a person recall things in a different perspective. After all, there was a time she would have given her life for the chance to live eternally with him. And then there was the time that anger and resentment made her again want to rip out the very part of her who made her who she was. She was not quite mortal and not quite a vampire, yet she was something else. She was not beneath either, she was unique, something much better than either of the two. She could live both among the mortals and the vampire world without batting an eye. She was in fact, the best of both worlds combined into one.

Brelynn finished her ale while talking aloud to Pandryl, “What do you say ol’buddy? Is it time to make a visit home?”. The greater dragon, seemingly understanding her, gently nudged her with his nose before curling his wings around her a bit tighter. She smiled as she snuggled in, knowing he was always going to be there to protect her.


pandoras_wedding_ringsI walked into the emptiness of Romanus Manor.  Cherry had gone back to where she belonged, with her husband.  I felt the chill of the air that runs through the whole house more so than ever before. I miss him. With every fiber of my being, with every pore of my preternatural flawless skin, I look at my hands… my left ring finger that adorns several stacks of rings, all with such different meanings and capturing such memories for me.  One in particular… an eternal band of small round diamonds… stands out for me.  It was the ring he gave me when we adopted our daughters, Saralyn and Brelynn.  Oh how I miss them.  They humanized me in a way that no other had ever before, or after.  I became a mother.  My heart opened and embraced the very many facets of this prism of life because of my girls.  Marius said to me when he gave me this ring…

“No other love will ever be like my own as the love of our twins… and the love of the many more we will have for eternity blesses us with this joy a thousand times over.”

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