Blood Will Flow, Pt. 6

Merida4~~~*** As Merida ***~~~

I heard Maharet voice, I was relieved. I got up at her command and fell into the arms of a man I’ve never met, but somehow knew…Khayman. I was safe now. But my worry for Carrie was there still, as was for Astoria, was she still alive? Was Armand going to her? My world dimmed as I felt Khayman lift me with flight gift and got me out of there. Maharet on his tail. Maharet fed me her blood and I felt my wounds being cleaned and tended to. I felt the love of something I’ve never felt before, parents? I was comforted and felt myself get stronger, my body anyway. I heard the gunshots and cries of those dying. I wept. I couldnt stop the tears and shaking.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 17

merida-portrait-redeyes“The magic..that we of the Razele line..and those before my sire called blood magic. You literally perform it with your own or a victims blood. I..I am still young…I was not taught very much of it…I can only tell you what I know..” I stared down at my hands, dirty and bloody. David studied me for a moment. “You lie.” I felt a sudden jolt and pain to my cheeK, dazed at the powerful hit. Danielle had struck me. “I..I swear.. I’m a hundred and thirty five. My sire taught me very litt-” with a yelp I was struck on my other cheek. I took deep breaths to calm the fire ready to burst from me. David sighed and held a hand to Danielle to stop. “Tell me what you know..share what this magic can do.” I sniffed and took a deep breath. “I perfected one spell..Acidic Touch is what it is called. I can simply focus my blood and make it pour from my fingers to burn someone…like acid…if we were on Sosaria….I could show you but…the..the magic doesn’t work here..” I wasn’t lying this time. He could see that.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 14

When that sadistic bitch showed me the video my fears were livened. So they could touch them they could get to them easily. My heart broke. I really had no choice. I broke. What was held together before with glue and tape.. shattered again. So much for progress. I felt strong manly hands lift me. I didn’t fight this time. I let him carry me through the halls. I could hear Carrie’s cries for them to let me go. I knew Astoria life was hanging by a thread. I saw Danielle skipping in front of me and the man that carried me..”Hurry up with her Kirk. David will be so pleased!” I looked up at the man named Kirk. I knew if I fought he would snap me right in half. I stayed still and silent.

He placed me in a chair at a table facing David and Zeeke. Danielle explained to David silently I knew..he smiled at me. I finally spoke. “I will share what I know…but I beg of you…let Carrie and Astoria go..leave my kids alone..” blood tears slid from my eyes and down my chest. I must have been a sight. The evil giggling of Zeeke at my distress made me hopeless. I awaited David’s answer..I had a plan..a broken…hopeless one..but what else could I do.

Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 11

merida_douglas_portraitI remained calm in my small inadequate prison. 24 hours..a few hours have passed now I know. I could feel him coming. David. He was such a bore. A handsome one..but a bore none the less. He presented “gifts” to me. My brothers sword, that both pissed me off and scared the shit out of me. My beloved Isonu… he was so young… helpless against them. Venora. Poor Venora she was still newborn! And my little niece… Naomi. No I cannot let this happen. I felt rage when seeing Helen and Astoria. I watched zeeke brutally murder Helen. They took Astoria away. No, I can’t let her be harmed. She was family. We loved her. At the sight of my children’s belongings I shattered. No, not my children.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 10

tower-of-london-white-towerDavid carried a small, long chest with him as he entered the room holding Merida. Smiling without humor, he nodded to her as means of greeting while he circled her prison once. Eyes, alight with cruel intentions never broke away from hers. He radiated malice and with barely a sound he placed the chest upon the table in the room.

Finally, minutes later, he broke the silence.

“Good evening Merida, I trust you’ve enjoyed your stay with us thus far?”

Her sneer somehow suited her, it reflected the duality of her nature. Two sides of a coin. The proper, well off Baroness. And the savage terror that slumbered just beneath the surface, ready to surface at a moments notice. He was counting on that savage portion. He needed the rage. Rage could be beaten into submission, forced to reveal all.

Rage, gave way to mistakes.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 3



I’ve always been a hot headed woman, even growing up in the darkness that is Wind with my mentor, and father, Val’is. When it came to the situation of my new sire sister being kidnapped by the Draco’s, it was no different. I felt rage in the pit of my stomach. No one screwed with my bloodline. Just because I bonded to my fire mother, Maharet, didn’t mean I forgot where I came from. Or who my family was.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 1

marius-lab-catacombsMarius sits in his lab under the Lair, the Catacombs.  Armand walks up and Marius stops what he’s doing. “Word?” Marius asks. “Yes, and you are not going to like this. Not one bit,” Armand responded.  Marius turned to face his eldest childe, crossing his arms. “Well?” He asked inpatiently. “They are holding her in the Tower, right in the middle of London proper,” Armand said.  Marius rubbed his chin a few times. “So they do have control of the Tower as we suspected before. It is there they help Pandora captive,” Marius said. Armand nodded. There was a moment of silence between the two men.  They knew they couldn’t let Pandora near the place.  “I’ll keep Pandora here, leave Bianca with her,” Marius said, “and we need to summon all our elders for an emergency meeting.”  Armand nodded and was off to gather the elders of the family.

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A Heavy Heart

venice1After Pandora and Marius made up and came back from their “vacation”, immediately Armand and I went on our own vacation back to Venice. I have to say, I was getting used to being waited upon and called Lady Romanus. Being a Baroness had its perks. I went to different functions with Armand, and even on Earth my higher calling was to children. Armand was more then happy to pour large sums of money into rebuilding and fixing orphanages in our city. Our city? Well I guess it’s rubbing off on me well.

Armand and I were in the middle of our adoption of Antonio. Our baby boy I had fallen in love with when I first visited the orphanage before we married. My papers read that I was from Scotland. Marius had acquired everything I needed to be a part of that world. So the adoption agency could dig into me all they want. I had my story down and even the accent I have grown fond of using around others. I sat in the orphanage with all the children, Antonio in my lap, reading to them. These poor children wanted the attention, wanted to be loved, and I was more then willing to give them a part of my day to give them that.

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Heart of Fire…

Merida4I searched and studied for a very long time. Finally, I believe I have learned why, why I become fire. It was about thirty years after I was turned into a Vampire. I sat in my Sire’s office in Wind, experimenting on how I could make my fire spells more deadly. I was angry at him; I knew fire would be his destruction if nothing else. I worked on the flame strike spell, in hopes it was enough. I found myself using enhancing spells and meshed it with the flame striking spell. It worked, while it made my spell more deadly I knew it as not enough. I needed more!

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